Monday, August 1, 2016

421 Myers Design Studio: Headband Tutorial

As a mom to girls I am always looking for fun accessories for them. As a sewer I am always looking for new designers.
I got lucky and found both for this project!
Linda is the the terrific designer behind 421 Myers Design Studio.
A few weeks ago I participated  in her sew along for her free dog collar and bow tie pattern.
Our newest baby, Butterscotch looks absolutely handsome in his new collar and bow tie. 
It's always nice for new designers to have free patterns available so that we can get a feel for their construction process and their layout.
Well, Linda is not stopping there!
She is releasing a bunch of adorable headband tutorials for free in her Facebook group.
The tutorials include: Adult and Child Knot Headband, Elastic Headband with Bow Tie,  Elastic Headband with Tied Bow, Nonslip Headband and a Wire Headband.
Linda was so sweet and let me try out a couple of the patterns before she released them to the group.
First, the Wire Headband

I have never made this type of headband. I love it! It stays in place all day. The pattern includes instructions on how to measure yourself and also has a chart in case you can't measure the person you are make the headband for. 

Adult and Child Knot Headband

 Another adorable headband! Both girls loved their knot bands. 
The hidden elastic strip makes it easy to wrap and tie the band.

 Non Slip Headband

This headband literally took me 5 minutes to make! I love it. We will be making some to match all her outfits.

 Head on over the 421 Myers Design Studio Facebook group and grab your free tutorials.
Also, check out Christine at Threads and Stitches. All the fabric for our headbands came from her shop!
Thank you Christine!!!
Now it's your turn to make some headbands.
Make sure you post a picture of your headband and thank Linda for her patterns.


  1. Love the Dog Bow Tie! The Headbands are cute too....I just don't have any girls to wear them๐Ÿ•๐Ÿ•

  2. Wow, such beautiful headbands. You really picked some great fabrics for your projects. I can't wait to make my own. Love your pictures. So sweet!