Saturday, November 14, 2015

Life's a Dance

Little Miss has started taking dance classes.
So, of course she needed a new dance wardrobe!
Create Kids Couture recently came out with a bunch of new dance ware patterns.
I love how easy CKC makes everything.
Every dancer needs a nice black leotard. For ours we used the Asia pattern. Isn't it just adorable with the one shoulder strap.
When your leotard needs a little twist head to Brylee's! You can twist it up with a braid!
Sometimes perfection is in the details. With Helga's that is definitely true. The back has a unique woven heart. Paired with Helga's is Dottie's dance pants in the capri length.
Little Miss loves her lace. Lenora's and Dottie's shorts delivered!
We can't leave out baby! Baby and Little Miss are rocking their Raquel's.

The royal's leotard was released awhile ago but it is still a favorite.
Who wouldn't want to dress up like their favorite character and dance the night away?

Now, for your viewing pleasure...

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